Bulk Find and Replace Text Tool

Keyword Classifier is a bulk find and replace text tool and keyword generation tool.  It’s a bulk find and replace tool because it can search for an array of words within a given keyword list and replace the found values with nothing or anything you want.  It’s a keyword generation tool because you can find and replace values which can then be used to generate every keyword combination possible.

The development of this software stemmed from the need for a quick and easy way to bulk find and replace common dimensions from my keyword lists.

For example: years, cities, states, zip codes, countries, counties, brand names.

After building Keyword Classifier, I found that if you remove these words or phrases from your keyword lists, you are left with  the core phrases that people search for.  This makes keyword grouping easy!

Keyword Classifier stores all these lists automatically to re-use in the future so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time.  From these keyword classification lists, you can use a tool like PPC Campaign Generator or PPC Keyword Generator software to generate every possible keyword combination.

I will be posting the most common keyword classification lists here on the Keyword Classifier blog.

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